Resolving Disputes in a Sensitive and Professional Manner in Newmarket, Mildenhall, Suffolk

When a dispute arises, it is easy for relationships to breakdown and a bitter war of words to arise. At Bendall & Sons, we understand that a calm and professional approach to dispute resolution often results in a favourable outcome for both sides. Based in Newmarket, Suffolk, our resolution lawyers are on hand to provide the assistance you require. Our legal experts also advise on wills and probate and civil litigation matters.

Sensitively Resolving Disputes

At Bendall & Sons, we help you get your legally entitled dues without causing undue upset. We are a team of resolution lawyers, meaning we have signed up to a code of practice in which we agree to deal with your matter in a sensitive way.

We will not use inflammatory language in letters or in conversation with your former partner or their representative. Instead, we try to find the best solution for you with the least amount of fuss and stress. Bendall & Sons try to limit the emotional upset insofar as we are able, and will:

  • Conduct matters in a way which is both constructive and non-confrontational.
  • Avoid the use of inflammatory language in letters and conversations.
  • Retain professional objectivity and respect for everyone involved throughout.
  • Take short- and long-term consequences of actions and communications by the client into account.
  • Encourage clients to always put the best interests of the children first.
  • Emphasise the importance of being open and honest in all dealings, and explain the potential consequences of non-co-operation.
  • Make clients aware of the benefits of behaving in a civilised way during the course of the matter.
  • Keep children and financial issues separate, never mentioning financial issues in the same letter as child-related issues.
  • Ensure that the client has a chance to consider balancing the benefits of any steps against the likely costs, both financial and emotional.
  • Inform clients of the options available for dealing with their matter e.g. counselling, family therapy, round table negotiations, mediation, and collaborative law and court proceedings.

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